These Things Happen EP

by Ryan Burns

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!super secret bonus song: "I Will Bury You In Time (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)"!

written and recorded in the span of one dreary, beautiful, dramatic, lovely, chaotic, introspective, creative summer in 2015 (three months). recorded in the same damn attic over those three months, no matter how hot it got up there.


released August 27, 2015

guitars, banjos, and vocals of various kinds supplied by Ryan Burns, who also wrote the lyrics to the two whole original songs. two whole original songs, isn't that precious? that's for you to decide.

recorded with M. T. Jones' microphone, because he's a kind sir, and edited in Audacity.

cover art provided by E. Hand and his suave use of filters.



all rights reserved


Ryan Burns Hillsdale, Michigan

aspiring troubadour of the highest pedigree | hillsdale college student full-time

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Track Name: Bring Your Friends to the Orchestra/Kangaroo (Big Star cover)
{dreamy instrumental}
Track Name: Familiar Peace
... and are you really here
or set on sailing swiftly
away from streets where you had
sought to grow up quickly?

the sun is setting faster
north of where we stand,
and where we'll stay;
don't let me carry you away.

the brightest morning isn't
shining like it did,
peaking through curtains when your
lover touched your skin.

the bravest thing we did was
cry ourselves to sleep,
and separately.
(in time) we'll find familiar peace...
Track Name: A Lonely Streetlamp
waitin' out in the leaves
my friends, they tried, but as for me
every step that they took
i took one leap back

a freight train passed in the night
foghorn soundin' like fourth of july
a firework
that ended with a crack

a car stopped at Forest (st.) and Park (st.)
we were standing alone in the dark
and a halo rested
atop her long brown hair

the street-lamp was a-light
when the daylight of dawn had died
we were alone
i kissed your halo there

(slide guitar kickassery)

once the halo had gone
the shoulders i stood upon
were lying on
the ground so cold and wet

the rain had kissed the ground
some time ago, my friends had found
and they shook off all the cold
and started yet

they made fun of all my words
and i remembered hers
"darling, hold onto your tongue
ill be home soon"

so we laughed in the night
as the freight train left our sight
had left that afternoon


my body loves to ache
for our pleasant "good ol' days"
but it's all illusion
made to make us hurt

at least we won't go off to war
and if we did, what would we for?
you know love will last
beyond the dirt!